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Styes or External Hordeolum

An External hordeolum Sty  is an acute small staphylococcal abscess of a lash follicle and its associated gland of Zeis or moll. Symptoms: sty are  redness, tenderness, and pain in the affected area. The eye may feel irritated or “scratchy.” Later  swelling, discomfort , ...Read More


PEMPHIGOIDS: disorder characterized by the eruption of multiple , tense bullae either over an erythematous or normal skin in an elderly patient. Age Old: ( 6-8 decades) General Health: Good Site : Flexural ( thigh, flexural of arms, axilla, groins) Mouth Ulcers: Rare Nature ...Read More

Mechanical Ventilation Of Lungs

MECHANICAL VENTILATION OF LUNGS Mechanical ventilation of lungs is carried out by intubating the patient by nasal or oral route or through tracheostomy and connecting endotracheal or tracheostomy tube to ventilator. INDICATIONS: On the basis of blood gas analysis pO2<50mmHg in room air or ...Read More


DISSOCIATIVE DISORDER Dissociative disorder:- (conversion disorder) is a partial or complete loss of the normal integration between memories of the past, awareness of identity and immediate sensations, and control of bodily movements. Previously known as conversion hysteria. EPIDEMIOLOGY:- According to DSM-IV-TR ( 11 to ...Read More