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New Procedures That Are Revolutionizing Medicine

New Procedures That Are Revolutionizing Medicine

Medical science is progressively making rapid technological advancements aimed at revolutionizing and streamlining existing medical procedures. Previously unheralded medication, treatments and procedures are being developed and introduced at a very expeditious rate.
Stakeholders in the industry are working harder than ever to come up with procedures and medications aimed at providing cheaper, faster and more effective patient care. New procedures introduced …

Acne- a disfiguring skin problem

Acne-  a disfiguring skin problem

A common skin problem of adolesence. Acne often disfigures and scar the skin to an extent that may cause depression and low self-confidience among people.
• Acne is almost always seen in the teenage years
• severity of disease differs per individuals
• Peak severity is in the late teenage years But acne may persist into the third decade and beyond, particularly in females.

Schizophrenic writings: Story of my Psychiatry postings

Schizophrenic writings: Story of my Psychiatry postings

Once a patient appeared in the Psychiatry OPD. She was childish though old enough and somewhat sweet for a psychiatric patient. She was humble and respected the doctor tremendously. “She is not much different from a baby” I said to my self.
“Look at the power of the mind, look what it can make out of people. I have seen people …

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