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Cost of Admission in Medical Colleges of Nepal

Cost of Admission in Medical Colleges of Nepal

This post has been updated to match the latest (2012) admission fees structure for MBBS course in respective medical schools. Thanks to our contributor Mr. Binaya Kafle. The amount figures are rounded off.
Note: 10 lakhs = 1 million
For complete list of medical colleges along with their location, university affiliation and contact information go to:

Notice for admission and  the fees details of …

MBBS Entrance Exam Syllabus by IOM (Nepal)

MBBS Entrance Exam Syllabus by IOM (Nepal)


Group (A) Botany
1.   Introduction to biology
1.1      Scope of biology, fields of biology, life processes
1.2      Biomolecules (macromolecules & micromolecules)
1.3      Taxonomy
1.3.1   Two kingdom and five kingdoms system of classification
1.3.2   Binomial/trinomial nomenclature
1.4.     Structure, types and economic importance of virus, bacteria and lichens
2.   Biodiversity
2.1      Structure and life cycle of Spirogyra, Nostoc, Marchantia, Dryopteris, Cycas and Pinus
2.2      Floral diversity of Nepal
2.3      Forest conservation
2.4      …

Gandaki Medical College

Gandaki Medical College

“Gandaki Medical College Teaching Hospital & Research Centre (P) Ltd. (GMCTHRC)” is a health educational institution located in Kaski District of Nepal. It deals with a national priority industry – a Medical College and Teaching Hospital.
The project is founded on its own land and is purely Nepalese ownership. GMC owns about 220 Ropanis (1 Ropani = 5625 square feet thus 11, 25,000 …

KU MBBS curriculum

KU MBBS curriculum

MBBS is an undergraduate course. Under Kathmandu University (KU) it is a 5 and a 1/2 year long course which includes 1 year of internship. The first 2 academic years focus on the basic medical sciences and community medicine. Over the next 2 and 1/2 years, students learn the principles and skills of clinical medicine by rotating through various medical specialties. …

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