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A Case of Poncet’s Disease

A Case of Poncet’s Disease

A 15 year old girl was admitted with history of moderate grade fever of one month duration. One week after onset of fever she noticed onset of swellings in pre-auricular and post-auricular regions bilaterally, which were painless.
One week prior to entry she developed pain and swelling in both knee and ankle joints, associated with morning stiffness, and significant restriction of …

Case of 5 months Infant with Fulminant Hepatic Failure

Case of 5 months Infant with Fulminant Hepatic Failure

A 5 moths Male was brought with complains of

Yellowish discoloration of eyes and body for 15 days
Excessive crying for 2 days
Decrease responsiveness for 1 day

As per mother, the child was apparently well before, developed yellowish discoloration, beginning in the eyes and progressed over  whole body over next 15 days associated with passing whitish colored stool over 1 week, diarrhea -, …

Case of child with Brain tumor – Medulloblastoma

Case of child with Brain tumor – Medulloblastoma

A 7 year old boy from Remote village presented with complains of vomiting 4-5 episodes per day for 3 months, inability to walk without support for 20 days and loss of vision in both eyes for 12 days.
According to the parents, the child developed vomiting , without associated Nausea, which was aggravated in the morning after arising from bed. Vomiting …

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