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Case Review : Acute ST Elevation MI

Case Review : Acute ST Elevation MI

A 46 years Male from Nuwakot came to ER with complains of Epigastric  and retrosternal pain for 16 hours. The pain was constricting type , continuous, radiating to left arm and neck, and not relieved in any position. It was associated with Shortness of breath. He had 3 episodes of Vomiting and sweating. He also complains of palpitation. Headache +, …

Medical Case Review: Tetany

Medical Case Review: Tetany

A 23 year female presented to Emergency with sudden stiffness of hand muscles, tingling sensation in the face with difficulty in opening the jaws and weakness of muscles of thighs for about 2-3 hours.
She had no other complains.
No similar History in tha past.
LMP was 3 months back.
On examination:
GC- Patient looked anxious
PILCyClOD- Pallor +

Chest -NAD
CVS-s1 s2 m0
P/A- soft, non tender
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