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A Case of Poncet’s Disease

A Case of Poncet’s Disease

A 15 year old girl was admitted with history of moderate grade fever of one month duration. One week after onset of fever she noticed onset of swellings in pre-auricular and post-auricular regions bilaterally, which were painless.
One week prior to entry she developed pain and swelling in both knee and ankle joints, associated with morning stiffness, and significant restriction of …

Wilson disease presenting with Cirrhosis and Refractory Rickets

Wilson disease presenting with Cirrhosis and Refractory Rickets

A 11 yrs Male presented with complains of  Difficulty in walking for 4 months, Deformity of legs noticed for same duration and  Diffuse muscle and bone pains.

 Child was well before 4 months
1. Started complaining of limb pain, Onset gradual and slowly progressive, -diffuse, ill-localised pain in limbs & joints, Mild to moderate severity, missed school, -unable to walk steadily and for long distance and child had swaying …

Interesting medical cases : Spot diagnosis

Interesting medical cases : Spot diagnosis

Here are 5 interesting cases that presented to our centre. Spot diagnosis can be made on the basis of these photos and short history.

1. A neonate presenting with feeding problem due to large hemangioma of the tongue, causing facial swelling and protrusion.

2. A boy presented with palpable purpura over the legs, case of HSP- Henoch Schonlein Purpura.

3. A boy presented …

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