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Wilson disease presenting with Cirrhosis and Refractory Rickets

Wilson disease presenting with Cirrhosis and Refractory Rickets

A 11 yrs Male presented with complains of  Difficulty in walking for 4 months, Deformity of legs noticed for same duration and  Diffuse muscle and bone pains.

 Child was well before 4 months
1. Started complaining of limb pain, Onset gradual and slowly progressive, -diffuse, ill-localised pain in limbs & joints, Mild to moderate severity, missed school, -unable to walk steadily and for long distance and child had swaying …

Interesting medical cases : Spot diagnosis

Interesting medical cases : Spot diagnosis

Here are 5 interesting cases that presented to our centre. Spot diagnosis can be made on the basis of these photos and short history.

1. A neonate presenting with feeding problem due to large hemangioma of the tongue, causing facial swelling and protrusion.

2. A boy presented with palpable purpura over the legs, case of HSP- Henoch Schonlein Purpura.

3. A boy presented …

Case of 5 months Infant with Fulminant Hepatic Failure

Case of 5 months Infant with Fulminant Hepatic Failure

A 5 moths Male was brought with complains of

Yellowish discoloration of eyes and body for 15 days
Excessive crying for 2 days
Decrease responsiveness for 1 day

As per mother, the child was apparently well before, developed yellowish discoloration, beginning in the eyes and progressed over  whole body over next 15 days associated with passing whitish colored stool over 1 week, diarrhea -, …

Case Review : Antepartum Hemorrhage

Case Review : Antepartum Hemorrhage

A 19 years female primi at 29 weeks period of gestation complained of heavy per vaginal bleeding for 3 hrs,clots were passed. However she did not  have lower abdominal pain. She had perceived good fetal movement. Her Antenatal check up was done at health post, she took Iron tablets regularly and had taken 2 doses of …

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