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Hypertension in Pregnancy: Summarized article

Types of hypertension in pregnancy Classification of hypertension in pregnancy: A. Gestational Hypertension- without proteinuria or pathological edema B. Preeclampsia – Hypertension and proteinuria with or without edema C. Eclampsia – Pre-eclampsia complicated with convulsion and/or coma D. Chronic Hypertension: a. Essential hypertension b. ...Read More

Gynae/Obs Specimens with viva Questions

Anencephaly: What is it?  how does it occur? Risk factors? Prenatal Diagnosis? Complications during labour? Shoulder Dystocia and management? Fibroid : Whole Chapter, Management (conservative,medical, surgical and combined) Specimen of Fibroid Uterus, with tubes and ovaries after ————- operation Hydatidiform Mole: Read whole chapter, ...Read More