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Visual Quiz 3

Visual Quiz 3

A 66 yr old man is referred for evaluation of right foot and ankle swelling. He is two months post-cadaveric renal transplant. Physical exam is remarkable for diffuse soft tissue swelling of the entire right foot extending proximally to the mid-calf. The extremity is warm and exquisitely tender, with evidence of hyperhidrosis. Gentle stroking of the skin produces severe …

Visual Quiz 2

Visual Quiz 2

A 42 y old woman presented with pain, swelling, and stiffness in the hands and feet. She reported having had the symptoms for the previous 5 years and was treated with NSAIDs and prednisone. O
n examination, the patient had dactylitis of the 2nd & 3rd fingers of the right hand and the 5th finger of the left hand. The 2nd …

Visual Quiz 1

Visual Quiz 1

A 29 year-old mechanical engineer attended his GP over concerns regarding an intermittent erythmatous rash. It is not noted to be related to any specific exposure. He is left handed and gets fatigued on strenuous activity. He is allergic to aspirin.

What is the correct term for the appearance seen in this picture?
(a) Koebner’s phenonmenon
(b) Dermographism
(c) Urticaria
(d) Pityriasis rosea
(e) Guttae psoriasis
(f) …

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