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English to Nepali Medical Dictionary

This translation mainly focuses on making the counselling of patients easier, rather than giving the exact meaning of the words. A) PATHOLOGICAL PROCESSES AND TERMS Inflammation: Sunninu (सुनिंनु) Infection: Sankraman (संक्रमण) Allergy/Anaphylaxis: Allergy (एलर्जी) Wound/Ulceration/Erosion: Ghaau (घाउ) Abscess/Suppuration/Pus collection: Peep jamma hunu (पीप जम्मा हुनु) Tumor/Growth/Papilloma: ...Read More

Best of 2015 : Medchrome Magazine

Hello everyone. Since the Christmas article last year, we started off on a new session in 2015 AD. The year saw a lot of great writers contributing to medchrome, 2 Wall magazine issues, Few Readers surge in website almost taking it down and New ...Read More