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Background Music for Studying – Instrumentals

Background Music for Studying – Instrumentals

Studying is sometimes an impossible task, out of pressure and dullness. An instrumental Music in the background of a piano, flute or guitar with no words to disturb you, not loud to alert you and provides peace and serenity to calm you, would probably boost your studying and mood. This wont prove true for all, but for many , I …

Rick Allen: One armed drummer

Rick Allen: One armed drummer

It is pretty difficult to imagine a drummer without a hand and that too a metal/hard rock drummer. Rick Allen is one inspirational musician living with disability who can challenge your imagination. Richard John Cryil Allen (born on Novemember 1, 1963) is the drummer for one of the greatest hard rock band “Def Leppard” since the age of 15.
“It was …

Medical Songs

Medical Songs

Been listening to songs of a particular genre, it was certainly not possible to make a complete list. However, I went through several forums and websites in the internet and tried my best to make a good list. Please suggest other songs about medical conditions or illness by commenting.
1. “Learning to Live” by Dream Theater

Once again we dance in …

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