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A Ventilated patient’s State of Mind ” Illusion and Sedation”

A Ventilated patient’s State of Mind ” Illusion and Sedation”

A patient on Mechanical ventilator struggling for life, dreams of the lands beyond the bound of the restriction of life. Was it his travel and back from the body? Was is the morphine effect?

Laying down on the cool green grass, eyes fixed at the sky, stars fixed at my eyes.. as I stare.. until eyes blink spontaneously. Those stars I …

Carving my Thoughts on the Rocks

Carving my Thoughts on the Rocks

The unchallenged beauty of the night, a cold wind, some trance music and a mind lost into the thoughts, thoughts of an unknown, thoughts stranger than a stranger, a thought that is like a dream where the consciousness of a man is subtotal and thin. Merely a blink of eyes and the thin line between my consciousness and the dream …

Anonymous Medical Quotes

Anonymous Medical Quotes

This is a collection of quotations related to medicine and the sources of quotations are mainly the medical journals like Lancet, British Medical Journal (BMJ), Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA), etc., newspapers like The Times, Irish times, etc. and various magazines, committees, books, letters, etc.
1. An adult is one who has ceased to grow vertically but not horizontally.
2. A consultant is …

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