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Reasons why one hates becoming a Doctor

Reasons why one hates becoming a Doctor

Think before you dream of becoming a doctor, probably its the most challenging and stressful profession.
If you are young, You are DISMISSED as inexperienced..
If old, DOUBTED to be outdated…!
If you take a decent fee, they may CONSIDER u as greedy..
If you take less, they may CONFUSE you for a quack…!
If you prescribe few medicines,they feel prescription is INCOMPLETE..
If you write too many, they choose …

10 stupid things students do in Medicine exam

10 stupid things students do in Medicine exam

The Funny scenarios that were seen in the medicine exam. This fun is part of our student life.
Bribing the patient: Patient is a deciding factor while passing medicine exams. Students try their best to get their co-operation and many of times in funny ways- Once a medical student in final year exam, offered patient Rs. 500 to get the favor …

Gallery of Medical Humor

Gallery of Medical Humor

People often forget that we the people in medical profession too have a funny side of life. Here is a collection of pictures mostly from our facebook like page Medical Online Magazine. You can share a laugh on your social platforms by clicking on the icons here.
1. Doctor Yamaraj

2. Choosing Medical Speciality (Extended version)

3. 12 Types of Medical Students

4. Before …

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