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Funny student Answers in residency : Dr Ritika

Teacher asks question suddenly, and the answers are spontaneous πŸ˜€ But I do think, Lead aprons decrease FRC All pictures are copyrighted to Dr Ritika and are not available for use in any website, blogs,…

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Dr Ritika : Truth about MCI NMC Inspection

Cartoon created by Dr Ritika, Undermines the truth of Medical Council Inspection in Medical colleges in countries like India and Nepal.Β The Happier the Inspector is, the better it is for Medical college. The Medical College…

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5 Medical Miracles in Movies- Hard to Digest

What are Miracle if they aren’t this much miraculous? Miracles do occur in Medicine, but the sort of miracles seen in few movies are beyond the ability of any Digestive system, to handle it. Here…