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HIV and PMTCT factsheet Nepal : High yield

Epidemiology First reported human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection in Nepal in 1988 Individuals infected with HIV-16,262 ((NCASC; August 2010 data). The most recent population based estimates (NCASC, 2009) – 63,528 adults and children Estimated prevalence of…

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Nepal Data fact-sheet for IOM MD/MS Entrance

Data factsheet from Annual report of Nepal 2068/69- Children Data o Malnutrition and under‐nutrition diminishes cognitive and economic growth of the affected population which in turn reduces GDP by at least 3 percent. o The…

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Compounding Medicine & The Bigger Picture

 Compounded medicine used to be a quaint stock in hospitals and pharmacies 2 decades ago, but the increase in prices of drugs and external treatment cost along with excess demand have brought back personalized medicine…