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Bone Marrow aspiration and Biopsy: Standard technique

Bone Marrow aspiration and Biopsy: Standard technique

Indications for Bone Marrow Examination .

Anemia -Persistent or severe nonmocytic anemia (in the absence of hemolysis or blood loss) -Macrocytic anemia without obvious etiology .
Thrombocytopenia -ITP (some cases) -Unexplained thrombocytopenia
Leukopenia -Some undiagnosed cases of prolonged leukopenia
Pancytopenia -Leukemia -Aplastic anemia -Neuroblastoma -Lymphohistiocytic disorders -Myelodysplastic syndromes
Malignant Solid Tumors -Diagnostic and metastatic evaluation of some solid tumors

Disorders in WhichMarrow ExaminationUsually Is Not Necessary

Microcytic …

MedchromeTube: Learning Medicine via Educational Videos

MedchromeTube: Learning Medicine via Educational Videos

Interactive multimedia learning has become a part of Medical education today. Medical education is constantly evolving and online learning is the best way to stay updated today. Watching educational videos can make differences:

Things that are hard to understand can be learned watching animations. These provide an excellent way to remember. Videos can even include mnemonics.
Things that cannot be imagined from text can be …

Antibiotic Resistance : The War Has Begun

Antibiotic Resistance : The War Has Begun

War Fiction By Medchrome
In 2012, war broke out. Soon the war was fought all over the world. This time the enemy were not human neither aliens. They were invisible , tiny but lethal. The war was between doctors and bacteria.
Doctors used every weapon they had – antibiotics but the bacteria had become too resistant.
“Once upon a time, penicillin was discovered …

Fate of RBC/Hemoglobin

Fate of RBC/Hemoglobin

Animated video showing fate of RBC/hemoglobin

Hemoglobin is a purple-colored, iron-containing respiratory pigment of cytoplasm of RBC. Hemoglobin is a conjugated protein and is formed of 4 heme groups and a protein called globin. Each heme group contains an iron-containing porphyrin ring formed of 4 pyrrole rings. Globin is formed of 4 polypeptide chains—2a and 2p chains. One RBC possess about …

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