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How To Overcome Opioid Drug Addiction

How To Overcome Opioid Drug Addiction

An individual is said to be dependent on opioid drugs if they have a high level of opioid tolerance, implying they need more of the drugs to get the desired results. Repeated use of opioid drugs can cause long-term changes in the biochemistry of the brain (the way the brain functions) and the architecture of the brain (the structure of …

Treating the Psychological Effects of Addiction

Treating the Psychological Effects of Addiction

Addiction is a powerful disease with complications that affect both physical and mental health. And since the effects of addiction are so pervasive and complex, intensive, comprehensive treatment is essential to recovery. For example, in addition to addressing the physical aspect of substance abuse and addiction, treating the psychological and emotional aspects are crucial to recovery. Keep reading to learn …

The Health Consequences of Addiction

The Health Consequences of Addiction

When we think of the consequences of addiction, we often think of the financial and social impacts, such as loss of work, or arrests from drug-related behavior. We might also think of the physical effects that the drug abuse and addiction might have on the addict, such as the dependence on the drug, or the effects that the drug has …

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