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Mnemonics Anatomy : Upper limb

Brachial Plexus Mnemonics: Branches arising from Cords- Lateral Cord-LML bike : Lateral Pectoral Nerve,Musculocutaneous Nerve, Lateral Root of Median Nerve Medical Cord- M4U- Medial Pectoral nerve,Medial Cutaneous N. of Arm, Medial Cutaneous N. of Forearm, Medial root of Median N. and Ulnar n. posterior Cord- ...Read More

Medical Focus on CNS

SPINAL CORD INJURIES Spinal cord injuries may result from accidents or other trauma. The cord may be completely cut across (transection) or only partially severed (partial section). The location and extent of the damage produce a variety of effects, depending on the partial or ...Read More