Pureit Ultima: A health miracle for your family

The basic needs of man are – Food, Water, Clothing and Shelter. We do not compromise on our basic needs. Drinking potable water that is pure is not just a desire but an absolute necessity to keep a good health. Specially in metropolitan cities and large urban areas where the water is supplied via pipelines , the source of which is uncertain and the purity of water is unknown, people are becoming more conscious on the ill effect of dissolved metals, salts and other impurities in water that can adversely affect heath.

Like water, food is another frequently contaminated thing that leads to illness and hazards. Moreover the fruits and vegetables that look fresh and clean may not be as you see. The use of chemicals and pesticides are not entirely eliminated by simply washing it.  These chemicals have posed a great hazard to health of the people, as most chemicals can be carcinogenic ( Cancer causing ) and may have other long-term effect on our health. As such, a system than can purify food specially the fruits and vegetable would be a great technology to people.  There is an increasing knowledge among people in regards to the microbial organism, and process call ‘ decaying’ which can start as early as hours in living matter , so a newer technology has been sought for to keep the food , fruits safe and sure.

The new age Oxyblast technology seems to be the perfect answer and is very effective system to make your food purer, chemical free and germ free. It has claimed to make your food upto 15 times purer. This new purifier systems are a technological revolution in modern day world.  The use of Oxyblaster technology removes the remaining chemical elements on the edibles by using oxygen blast and renders your food ‘Safe and Healthy’ not just in appearance, but to serve to your friends and family with a great sigh and confidence.

Water splash on fresh fruits isolated on white


The complete solution is Pure-it Ultima which uses the advanced technology called Reverse Osmosis ( RO ) along with UV technology to purify water and to make it safe for drinking. Inspired by the popularity and great consumer response to former products, the company has now gone beyond conventions and now is launching another product assuring consumers a way to ensure purity of their food (fruits,vegetables etc) too with Pureit’s new Oxyblast Technology. Just pure water is not the idea, now its “Drink Pure and Eat Pure.”

Pureit ulmita

The Equipment is a latest product of esteemed Hindustan Lever, and it comes with water purifying system along with an Oxytube which can be place in the water containing your edibles. Within minutes the oxyblast system makes your fruits and vegetable purer by up to 15 times. This entire system arrives in a well-finished and beautiful equipment set that will be ornamental to you kitchen.

The brand, the product and the function might be the perfect equipment you will be keeping at your homes in the year 2016.  Well, to facilitate you, they are ready to provide you a live demonstration of the entire system  and you can book a home demo session before deciding on buying and installing the product.

So, if you are a health enthusiast and if you are ‘the’ person in family, this is one thing you should seriously consider in this era.

Disclaimer- The article expresses view of the author solely to his capacity and not representative of the company or product or this website

Article by – S Chhetri (Health writer, and Enthusiast, who writes on Healthy living and Disease conditions.)


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