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Two Faced Edward Mordrake : Case of Craniopagus or Myth?

Two Faced Edward Mordrake : Case of Craniopagus or Myth?

As you know my condition is rare, because I was born with an extra limb in my body, a second face in the back of my head. It is a face that has always been there with the eyes open, as if was death. In 20 years of my life I never thought it would become so terrible until a few years ago, that …

20 Questions On Epilepsy

20 Questions On Epilepsy

1. What is epilepsy ? What are the different types of epilepsies ?
Answer: Epilepsy is a disorder that briefly interrupts the normal electricals activity of the brain. In people with epilepsy, too many neurons fire at one time, causing an “electrical storm” within the brain, which results in physical changes called seizures. Seizures may be convulsion, short periods of …

Witch’s (Bokshi’s) bite – Medically Explained

Witch’s (Bokshi’s) bite – Medically Explained

Have you heard of females, waking up with bluish-blackish spots on arms or thighs without a known history of trauma? These unexplained skin marks are often attributed to Witch’s or “Bokshi’s” bite by old people, here in Nepal. As vampires are to Western culture, witches are to South Asian culture for both have a questionable existence and are thought to …

Maternal Rhesus Isoimmunization : Rh incompatibility

Maternal Rhesus Isoimmunization : Rh incompatibility

Alloimmunization (Isoimmunisation) is defined as the antibody response to foreign antigen derived from different individual of the same species. Rh alloimmunization refers to the development antibodies to Rh D antigen. Antibodies may be produced to Rh antigens C,c,D,E, or e but only D is strongly immunogenic.

1st Rh+ve pregnancy: Rh negative mother bearing Rh positive fetus
Feto-maternal bleed: Abortion, Amniocentesis, Antepartum hemorrhage, …

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