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Internet and Patient Awareness

Internet and Patient Awareness

Internet is the richest source of information and the most vast as well in the existing world. There is almost no word or phrase that is not found in the Search. People have become well informed of their state of health and of course their disease.

There are plenty of quality health websites with informations made as simple as that, anyone …

How to Read a Chest X-ray : Steps

How to Read a Chest X-ray : Steps

Reading Chest X-ray is a systematic and orderly way of interpreting Roentography of Chest. Describing it in various steps makes the Doctor or student, less likely to miss findings in the X-ray.
Moreover it is also a part of MBBS / Medical course curriculum for Students around the Globe both in Basic science and Clinical Sciences.
On all X-rays check the following:

Patient …

Threats to Human race – Disease, Nature or Mankind?

Threats to Human race – Disease, Nature or Mankind?

Since long people have feared Human extinction. We are all scared of a catastrophe that could wipe out human race on earth or endanger our species. Many times human race have been endangered, in real or in the minds.

The real dark days when, the small pox inflicted heavy casualties on the society, causing deaths and disability. It spread like tear-gas …

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